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In Southampton, Maytree is unique. Of our 300 children only a handful have English as their first language, so we are very rich in language and cultural diversity. And we achieve results above the national average at age seven.

We have children from a wide range of cultural backgrounds: Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Somali, Polish, Afghani, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Turkish, Iranian, Russian, Portuguese. Some families have been settled here for a long time, maybe three generations, but many more are newly arrived. In most years, half the children in our oldest classes have not been with us since the start of Nursery, but have joined the school more recently.

To be successful, we have to think carefully about teaching and learning. At the same time as providing the challenge needed by the highest achievers, we provide a suitable learning environment for children who arrive with no previous school experience, and/or no English.

Through careful assessment of children’s learning needs, and focussed teaching of groups, progress is accelerated, and we achieve end of Key Stage 1 results at least equal to, and sometimes better than, the national average. We are very proud of this achievement.

At Maytree School you will see happy and co-operative children. They mix well together, learning from and appreciating their differences, and enjoying their similarities.

A large and dedicated staff team work hard to ensure that Maytree children are given the firm foundations allowing them to become fulfilled, considerate and responsible citizens.

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